The 365 Challenge

In 2009, many people participated in the 365 challenge which dared participants to take and post a photo a day. With only one day left before ringing in a new year, I was not surprised that many blog posts ended in defeat, well before the December 31st deadline. Those who endured through 364 photos, expressed relief of the upcoming end to their journey. Both the failure and relief expressed by bloggers were not encouraging for my soon to be journey through documenting my life in photos. Fortunately, I am not one to be swayed by negativity and have high hopes for my journey.

I am not incredibly photogenic nor am I an amazing photographer, this journey is about a number of things including:

1. Photography. I have always been intrigued by photographers, but I don't spend much time taking pictures or exploring the possibilities of light, exposure, or aperture. I only have a vague idea of what those things even mean. So, by taking time to take photographs, I hope to expand my picture taking potential.

2. Self. After 27, almost 28 years, you tend to lose track of what happens day to day. What makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you cry. By slowing down and experiencing each day, I hope to see myself and my growth over this year.

3. Sharing. I enjoy sharing my experiences on the Internet. My professional life revolves around the Internet, collaborating, and learning. This is just another outlet to share.

Finally, the equipment.

Nikon D50 w/ 28-80mm lens and a few filters that I don't know how to use. Taking lots of pictures will justify a new lens or two. I love taking pictures of flowers and bugs, so a macro lens is on my short list.

Olympus Stylus 720 that boasts its shockproof and waterproof abilities. Good pocket camera for trips and easy to stick in my pocket.

iPhone 3G 2 gig camera phone. I always have this baby with me, so I have no excuses to miss a picture. Only downfall is no zoom.

Welcome to two-thousand-and ten or twenty-ten. Whatever you want to call it.