Ouray, Colorado Day 2

Watched this chick climb this mixed route as we were leaving the ice park today. Beautiful temps and a great day of climbing.

Ouray, Colorado Day 1

Mike and I drove out to Ouray, Colorado to go ice climbing this weekend and celebrate his birthday. Here are some shots from the day.


Ouray, Colorado is tucked in the San Juan mountains. They consider themselves the Switzerland the US. It is quiet in the winter and home to the Ouray Ice Park. We are staying in a quaint Inn downtown.


Ouray was a mining town, so remnants of the past dot the breathtaking scenery.


We watched this chick do this mixed route (ice and rock climbing). Getting excited about an early start tomorrow. 


Some of the ice is really blue and thick from the cold temperatures.The park is man made allowing for over 200 routes to exist in one area. Can't wait to post more pictures tomorrow.

Post Run Rechange

This is my favorite meal post run. I am ready for my race in only two weeks! Since the race is so close, I haven't been posting as many pictures, but my running times have improved significantly!

Basket Weaving

Daily Shoot: "Squares and grids surround us in our built environment. Focus in on some squares today and make a photograph."

Sunday Morning Pancakes

Each week, I have been making special pancakes on Sunday morning. This week, chocolate chip with maple syrup and whip cream. Yum!

Framed Accomplishment

Today, I framed my diploma. It feels good to hang it on the wall.

Getting Pickier: My Three Shot Challenge

I went out today to a different reservoir, but the same great Colorado weather. This reservoir is just minutes from my house, so it is easy for me to pop over there.

I was trying to be picky, looking for something that moved me. I walked for along time. Then, I walk across the frozen lake. Then, I sat on a stump and waited. All this waiting is hard to do when it is 32 degrees outside, but the sun was out and it was quiet, so I couldn't complain too much.

My first shot I took of a heart shaped leaf that was shining in the sunlight. Like yesterday, these leaves make me happy because they are nature's hearts. Good light, good focus, I'm happy.

My second image was of an ice fisherman who was pulling his sled full of tools, fishing poles, and most likely, beer across the lake. I was worried about this one because he was moving and I wanted to capture him. I took two shots, this was the better one.

I must admit, it was hard not to shoot everything. I felt pressured to find something that moved me and after an hour with no photographs, I was losing hope. I did see a wolf or coyote about 20 minutes into my photo hunt, but he quickly ran off into the bush.

In the end, I think that David duChemin says it best in his book, Within the Frame, "go easy on yourself; regret and self-loathing do nothing good for your creativity."

My Photo PLN Challenge #1

Today, I completed my first photo challenge for my personal learning network. We all purchased David duChemin's ebook, Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft, Non of Them Involve Buying Gear and we have a private Flickr group where we share and give advice.

Here are some of my best images from the day. My challenge: Get Pickier!


I was intrigued by this heart shaped leaf on Valentine's Day. I like how it is weathered and torn. Love it though.

These snow-capped weed caught my eye. They seem to be reaching up to the sky and asking for warmth. 

This ice fishing picture I liked because of the contrast between the urban houses and the solitude of fishing on the lake. In Colorado, you don't have to go far to be able to enjoy nature. 

Valentine's Day Fun

Inspired by @katerha picture today and the many other similar pictures on Flickr, I wanted to try this one out myself.

Using a portable portrait light (used for my mini claymation studio), I set up this image. The biggest surprise was the page I turned to in the book had the words "two lovers" on it. How appropriate!

Wash Park, Denver

After my run today, I played with different speed settings. I am slowly learning how each setting can enhance or destroy my picture.

Denver Skyline

After dinner downtown with Mike, I snapped this shot. I promise this week I am going to stop using auto mode. I was doing really good, but then got frustrated by dozens of crummy pictures. I also need to start carrying the tripod in my car.

Chicken Soup for a Speedy Recovery

After several days of sinus congestion, it finally got the best of me. Now, I am resting and trying to recover as quickly as possible with some chicken noodle soup from Sweet Tomatoes.

Bird's Eye View

This hawk and crow fought for prime positioning on this snowy Sunday.

Running Trail

I have to admit, I haven't been posting a picture everyday. With a busy schedule and lots of interests, I have to make priorities.

Outside of work and family time, running has become top priority for me. I signed up for my first half marathon and have been training for the big race day, March 14th. This is one of the many multipurpose trails I run on near my house.

Interesting Art

This is an art piece that is outside of a beautiful building that I noticed the other night. I'm not sure what it is, but it reminds me of giant teeth.

My Favorite Food

I love chocolate covered pretzels from Sunflower Market.