Memorial Day

Rockclimbing near Estes Park, a nap by the river, and homemade hamburgers made for a great Memorial Day.

Llama Farm?

I believe this is a llama, not an alpaca. Either way, they are only blocks from my house and I never knew it until today.


Graduated over 500 seniors today. It was ten years ago this month that I was walking across the stage getting my high school diploma.

Waterton Canyon

Mike and I went on a hike this afternoon in Waterton Canyon near Littleton, Colorado. We saw lots of animals including a snake, big horn sheep, beautiful birds and this fox.

Pilot Tablet

My district is currently piloting this tablet netbook from M&A. At the right price, this tablet might be in the hands of every teacher in the district come fall.

Afternoon Session

Mike and I bouldered after work today along a ridge that overlooked Red Rocks. It still amazes me that we live in such a beautiful place.

Climbing Competition

Spent the evening climbing at The Spot in Boulder, Colorado.

Snow in May

Denver got two inches of snow overnight. Yesterday I wore sandals, today I wore boots.

Golden, Colorado

My husband and I attended a climbing film showing at Bent Gate in Golden tonight.

Spring Fever

I admit, I have spring fever. I can't wait to get out of work each day so I can enjoy the weather. The flowers right now are in full bloom and I can't help but to snap shots of them.

Happy Mother's Day

Tulips are fully bloomed this time of year in Colorado. They are so cheerful and beautiful too!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

Anniversary Dinner

My husband and I celebrated our three year anniversary with a low key dinner at home. Pasta with bacon and cauliflower.

Photo Flashback

I took a photo of this birdfeeder in early January. The winter picture can be found here. What a difference!


While running today I noticed that the pollen is really heavy right now.

My goal this month is to post a picture everyday. In April, I took on a second part time job and started spending a lot of time at the climbing gym, so my photography took a backseat. I need to take advantage of the beautiful weather we have in Colorado during the month of May.