Florida Moon

I had a great night in Florida tonight. To the left, you can see Venus (I think).

Sometimes, You Live Vicariously

While at work today, my husband and a buddy climbed at Shelf Road. Sometimes you have to live vicariously through those who have more time off than you do.

Monday Night

Dinner on a busy Monday evening. Yum!

Macro Magic

Had fun in an outdoor sculpture garden with my new macro lens.

Winter Growing

I am using a sprouting jar to grow sprouts this winter. These sprouts have been growing for four days and should be ready to add to a tasty salad in a few days.

Gift from Mexico

My husband brought back this little gem from his trip to Mexico. It is a handmade piece that represents the Day of the Dead celebrations that take place in November.

Mountain Man...

Mike just got back from a week of mountaineering in Mexico. I was happy to spend the day with him and capture his week old beard.

Guest Photographer

My husband, Mike,  took this photo today while he was touring Mexico's National Museum of Anthropology. After a long flight he is finally home and I am pleased to have him as my guest photographer today.


I've had a minor annoying headache for the past three days. This picture is my attempt at the Daily Photo Assignment today.

"Practice the art of simplicity today by making an interesting photo from a minimalist perspective."

"I See What You Mean"

After having breakfast downtown with my friend, Julie, I decided to explore Denver. Sunday mornings in the city are quiet and the parking is free, making it a great time for pictures.

This 40-foot blue bear, titled I See What You Mean, by Lawrence Argent is outside the Denver Convention Center.

"The artist has described I See What You Mean as a stylized representation of native fauna. As the bear peeks inside the enormous facility at the conventioneers, displacement and wonder pique curiosity and question a greater relationship of art, technology and whimsy. "

If you are attending ISTE2010, you can get a shot of this great art piece right outside the main doors.

Hot Java

I stopped at Starbucks before taking a walk in a local park today. Temperatures in the low 60s made it a perfect day for a walk.

I knitted the coffee cozy with leftover yarn from the recent scarf I made. This is always in my purse and is my little way of producing less trash even when I don't have my reusable cup handy.

El Naturale

I actually posted a different picture for today, but decided to keep trying and posted this one instead inspired by the Daily Shoot assignment.

My husband, Mike, took our Nikon D50 with him on a trip, so I am stuck with the point and shoot and I am having a hard time getting my pictures clear and my lighting right. Looks like I'll be spending the weekend getting acquainted with my point and shoot.

These are dried Cattails I am using for an art project.

Melting Ice

Despite the warming temperatures in Denver, the ice is still hanging around.

Keeping Warm

Today's Daily Shoot assignment, "make a photo of something you wear to keep yourself warm and/or dry: coat, gloves, scarf, hat, you name it!"

This is a scarf I knitted recently. It is short with a button closure and keeps you warm without the bulk.


I run by this bird feeder at least four afternoons a week. It use to be busy with many different types of birds crowding its small shelf, but now it sits vacant in the middle of winter.

Snowy Walk

After work today, I took a long walk at the state park near my house. It was nice to clear my head after a long day. The weather was nice until the sun went down and then the temperatures dropped.

An unexpected bonus to this challenge is all the extra exercise I'm getting.

Great Day for Washing my Car

With the temperature in Denver almost reaching 50 degrees today, I took the opportunity to wash my car. It was in desperate need of some cleaning. If you look closely, you can see the ice that is still on my driveway.

New Shoes

I purchased new running shoes today from Boulder Running Company in Greenwood Village. I got another pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9s. This is the fourth pair of Brooks Adrenaline shoes I have owned and I absolutely love the support and fit.

I also found out Boulder Running Company- Greenwood Village does a 10 mile run on Saturday at 7:30am from the store. Currently, my long day is six miles, so in a few weeks I will be ready to join them.

I getting pumped about the Boulder Spring Half Marathon on March 14th. It will be my first half marathon ever.

Reading and Relaxing

Last night I started reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I usually don't buy hardback books, but I loved Eat, Pray, Love so much, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

This picture is part of today's photo challenge, "glasses help many folks bring the world into focus each day. Make a photo of a pair of any kind of glasses today."

The Grind

I typically don't work out in the gym, but the 0 degree weather forced me indoors today.

I am training for a half marathon on March 14th in Boulder, Colorado.

Lighting My Path

Thanks to the folks on the EDTECH365/2010 Flickr Group, I found out about The Daily Shoot and tried meeting the challenge today.

This light is sheltered from the falling snow. I shot several shots and picked this one as the best.


After a delicious dinner, my husband and I picked up tiramisu to go from Carmine's on Penn in Denver, Colorado. Although we love their tiramisu, they have great family style meals too.


Just Spotted

Yesterday, I spotted this huge glowing statue. I have driven by it hundreds of times, but never gave it a second glance. I've notice lots of interesting things since starting this challenge.

This evening, I returned and took some up close images of this art piece.

Grocery Shopping

On Sunday, I usually make a trip to the grocery store and stock up for the week. Grapefruit is a breakfast favorite in the wintertime. I picked up a few along with some other fruits and veggies.

Today was a tough photo day for me. I am attempting to follow the 10 New Year's Resolutions for Photographers posted on This Week in Photograph's blog. I think the toughest one for me will be not to use the auto setting on the camera. I took almost 100 pictures using various settings and they just didn't seem to turn out right. I am currently working on reading through the camera's manual, in hopes of getting a better understanding of what each setting can do for my shots.

Post Run

After my run today at Wash Park in Denver, Colorado, I spotted this little guy. Watching the geese, squirrels, and people at the park makes my run go by so much faster.

Good Luck

The smell of black eyed peas slowly cooking reminds me of my childhood and ensures good luck all year long.