Christmas Time

Decorations are up, presents are wrapped, countdown has begun.

20 years ago...

I made this little walnut ornament in 1990. I was eight. My mom sent it to me and now it is hanging on my tree.

Colorado Christmas Tree

Mike and I hiked two hours in knee deep snow to find this beauty. A true Colorado Christmas tree picked right out of the forest.

Each year, the National Forest Service opens up a bit of land that needs to be thinned and family and go and cut trees. This tree stands over 10 feet tall.

Lincoln Falls- Ice Climbing

Mike, Bryan and I went ice climbing at Lincoln Falls a few weekends ago. A great natural ice fall.

Good Hiding Spot

Really Fedex guy? This is your best hiding spot?

End of Movember

Here is Mike 30 days in. I want to support prostate cancer, but this is ridiculous. He did a clean shave last night, thank goodness.

First Ever Homemade Pumpkin Pie

This is the first pie I have ever made. Hope it is good. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Bars

Sinfully delicious pumpkin bars. A layer of shortbread, then pumpkin and finished off with chocolate.


Mike is growing a mustache to raise money for Movember. Not my favorite look, but a good cause.

Learn more and donate here:

Hawaii 2010: Hibiscus

Had to stop for this beautiful hibiscus.

Hawaii 2010: USS Arizona Memorial

Great view of the Memorial from the USS Missouri.

Hawaii 2010: Kilauea Rim

Night time shot. Thanks Mike for taking this great pic!

Hawaii 2010: Kalalau Trail

Our 8 mile hike on the Kalalau Trail was beautiful and muddy.

First Snow

A bit overexposed. Taken on iPhone4

Fall has come to Denver

Yellow and red leaves, dying is fall in Denver.

Pizza Night

Saturday night's homemade pesto veggie pizza.

Quandary Peak

Mike and I climbed Quandary Peak this week. It was my first successful 14,000 foot mountain. Here are a few pics from our adventure.

Trailhead (Early morning, so it is a bit blurry)

Just above treeline
My first 14,000 foot summit
Mountain Goat on the descent


Mike and I spent all day Sunday climbing in Boulder Canyon.

Boulder Reel Rock Film Tour

Last night, Mike, myself and some friends went to the Reel Rock Film Tour in Boulder. It was a late night, but totally worth it. The videos were amazing.

Friday Night Apple Store

Lots of shoppers getting their "i" on.

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Dinner. A healthy twist on an old favorite.

Ride to Maroon Bells

Rode up to Maroon Bells today. Best ride yet.

Hummingbird Moth

This little guy was flying around downtown Aspen.

Bike Ride

So, what have I been doing the last few months? Enjoying the summer! Unfortunately, I haven't been taking my camera. Here is a shot from about half way up my ride from Evergreen, CO to Echo Lake...uphill the entire way.

Climbing in Boulder

Mike and I went climbing near the Flatirons in Boulder.

Backpacking Self Portrait

Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail

Waking up in the wilderness on the Colorado Trail.

Colorado Trail

Mike and I went backpacking on the Colorado Trail.

Crested Butte Riding

An action shot of me mountain biking in Crested Butte. It was a beautiful trail.

Camping in Southern Colorado

In early June, Mike and I camped in Southern Colorado near Sand Dunes National Park. I forgot to pull this one from the camera earlier.

Children at Play

The bison roam free at Custer State Park. We were greeted by the herd at the end of our hike.

At the Cliff's Edge

Mike and I took an afternoon hike on the Lover's Leap Trail in Custer State Park.

Lighting Ceremony at Mt. Rushmore

Mike and I spent a few nights camping near Mount Rushmore. Our third trip to this amazing monument was just as breathtaking as the first.

Growing Basil

I love eating fresh basil in the summer. Hoping that this stem sprouts roots, so I can have more basil to enjoy.

Homemade Granola

Made some delicious homemade granola today. Quick and easy. Recipe can be found at

Google Booth at ISTE

Mike said this reminded him of insects to a light.

Cherry Tree

Walking home from the light rail station, I was surprised to see this fully bloomed cherry tree.

Denver Zoo

At the Discovery Education Pre-Conference ISTE Event at the Denver Zoo yesterday, I captured this guy showing off.

Denver Zoo

At the Discovery Education Pre-Conference ISTE Event at the Denver Zoo yesterday, I captured this guy showing off.

Self Portrait at Sand Dunes National Park

A very windy day at Sand Dunes National Park.

Teva Mountain Games: Dog Event

These dogs were great competitors. Very entertaining!

Teva Mountain Games: Mountain Bike Race

Mike finishing the race.

Teva Mountain Games: Kayak

Watched some amazing kayakers on Friday afternoon.

Teva Mountain Games: Climbing SemiFinals

Climbers at the Teva games semi finals. I climbed in the citizen's comp on Sunday morning.

Teva Mountain Games: Stash and Dash

Mike competed in the Thule Stash and Dash competition. He put in a very respectable time securing a kayak, filling a roof box, and loading a bike.

Memorial Day

Rockclimbing near Estes Park, a nap by the river, and homemade hamburgers made for a great Memorial Day.