Skylight Arch

A long scramble near Green River, Utah lead us to skylight arch. The beauty and solitude inspired me to do some yoga.

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park

The people in the background show just how massive this arch is.

Climbing Inspiration

We will return to climb Castleton Tower (right).

Good Lookin' Carin

Marked our path in Arches National Park.

Utah Landscape

Near the Colorado River, we enjoyed views of the La Sal Mountains and sheer sandstone cliffs.

Beautiful Allergies

All the trees are blooming (which I am thankful for) and I have allergies.

Indian Creek, UT

Mike spent a few days in Indian Creek, Utah this week rock climbing. The beauty of the area and challenging crack climbing inspires me to keep up my rock climbing training.

Thanks to Mike for taking such great pictures!

Fortune Cookie

This one deserved a place on the bulletin board.

Container Garden

The warm weather inspired me to plant a small container garden.

Jicama Snack

A few weeks ago, I discovered that jicama makes a great snack.

Spring Buds?

The snowstorm from last night quickly melted away and left blue skies this afternoon. Has spring finally sprung?

Flying Home

Last leg of our journey back to Colorado.

Day Hiking, Scotland

A clear day allowed us to take in the beautiful mountains. Mike actually took this picture and I really liked the perspective.

Highland Cattle, Scotland

Mike and I are traveling with our friend, Brian, through the Highland area in Scotland. We have taken in some great sites. This is one of my favorite.

Arisaig Cafe

Scottish donut in Arisaig, a small coastal town.

We have taken lots of photos, but I have only been uploading pictures from my iphone because it is easy to post directly from my phone. Looking forward to uploading pictures as soon as I return.