Christmas Time

Decorations are up, presents are wrapped, countdown has begun.

20 years ago...

I made this little walnut ornament in 1990. I was eight. My mom sent it to me and now it is hanging on my tree.

Colorado Christmas Tree

Mike and I hiked two hours in knee deep snow to find this beauty. A true Colorado Christmas tree picked right out of the forest.

Each year, the National Forest Service opens up a bit of land that needs to be thinned and family and go and cut trees. This tree stands over 10 feet tall.

Lincoln Falls- Ice Climbing

Mike, Bryan and I went ice climbing at Lincoln Falls a few weekends ago. A great natural ice fall.

Good Hiding Spot

Really Fedex guy? This is your best hiding spot?

End of Movember

Here is Mike 30 days in. I want to support prostate cancer, but this is ridiculous. He did a clean shave last night, thank goodness.